Montavilla Guitar StudioRide Green. Earn Green.

  • Make money without changing your existing routine
  • Increase your visibility and thus your safety
  • Advertise for businesses that you support
  • Be eligible for rewards (we will conduct annual drawings for gift certificates and cash)
  • Apply today

Our reflective vinyl signs also offer increased visibility and safety to you.

You have the right to refuse any sign, so you don’t need to worry about advertising for businesses that you don’t support.

We sell display space to advertisers for which you can make up to a $100 a month for doing what you already do!

This unique business is the first of its kind of the US.


CBD400To take advantage of this unique opportunity, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be employed full-time or be a full-time student
  • have at least 24″ tires
  • ride year-round rain or shine
  • display ad/s 24/7
  • have a CommuterBikeAds sign on your bike when/if no advertisers are leasing space on your bike
  • keep sign visible and clean
  • contact us if there are any problems with the sign/s
  • contact us — and only us — if there are problems with the mount (no one else may service the mounts)

If you meet the above qualifications, please complete and submit our online application. We will review your information, confirm your eligibility, and get you started.